Branded infographics and storytelling

data visualisation and illustration

Over my 4.5 years working as a Senior Graphic Designer with Microsoft, there were numerous sets of data and stories to visualise. It's well known that infographics are a great way to tell a story which involves complicated stats as it helps the reader to digest the information much more easily. It's also very eyecatching when posted on social media and so was frequently used to increase engagement with articles and blogs that were written on our sites.

These infographics could also be cut up into smaller sections and made into banners to share online to increase the likelyhood of getting a click through to the content. They are primarily for on screen, but as they are all created in Adobe Illustrator (a scalable vector design package), in some cases the visuals were leveraged into other written articles and printed collateral to support the stories that were being told.

If you would like help with digesting data or creating data visualisation or infographics, please get in touch.

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