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I joined Datasift when it was a very young start-up company. In my interview, I didn't only have to impress with my design experience, but I also had to prove that I understood some coding and html too. Over the years there, it became more clear why my technical understanding would be so important.

This company is based around collating social data and analysing it. It's an extremely useful tool when wanting to understand your target audience to improve your marketing, direction and conversation.

I went in as the only creative amongst a small team of developers. This meant designing everything, from the website to all printed materials, presentations and many other inspired creations.

Approaching with fresh eyes and with both UX and technical understanding, I had the benefit of being able to look at the Datasift tool as an outsider with a constructively critical creative eye. I really wanted to improve it's user experience so that anyone could create an algorithm to find the data they need, without needing to be fluent in coding language. This is when the graphical user interface (GUI) came about.

Below are some examples of work from the few years at DataSift.


If you would like help with digesting data or creating data visualisation or infographics, please get in touch.

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