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Over the years, many emails for events, products, services, newsletters and general comms have been sent from various parts of the organisation. With the intention to streamline the email marketing process and strengthen Microsoft's online image, I took it upon myself with support from the rest of the team, to design an email template to suit every requirement.

This email template would help to recommend the optimum amount of content, the style of the content and the types of messages used, whilst maintaining a strong brand look and feel, and top usability and accessibility. Between the header and footer, any combination of these sections could also be A/B tested to give an understanding of what type of content resonates better with each audience. Much of the project was about simplifying the emails, for easier digestion of content and clear CTAs.

The template has a lead colour accent which is taken from the Microsoft primary colour palette and so can match to any of the family of products too. In place of any of the grey image placeholders, photography, illustration or iconography can be used, to propel the content further and enhance the brand. As part of the email marketing process, I would also get involved in creating the imagery and some copyrighting tweaks to ensure we'd get a high level of engagement.

If you would like support in designing a best practice, responsive, email template to suit your brand, please get in touch.

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