Frequently asked questions

Can you design me a new logo?

Yes. I can take a look at your existing logo and the industry you work within, then come up with some new designs for you to choose from, one of which we can then take forward to develop into a complete brand identity.

I'd like to set up a Facebook page for my business. Are you able to help me?

Yes. I can not only help you to ensure your logo and imagery are looking prestine on screen, I can also help you with marketing and graphic design for your business across social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Snapchat.

I'd like my emails to look more personal and branded. Are you able to help me with an email template?

Yes. As well as ensuring you look good when arriving in an inbox, I have a lot of experience with what's best practice and can advise you on the optimum amount of content and type of messaging to grab the attention of your recipients.

I have experience of designing various email templates for events, products, marketing and general correspondance, and have built some too.

Can you design and build me a new website?

I am a graphic designer with a lot of experience in designing very successful websites. I understand accessibility, useability and much of what's achievable on the web, including responsive design, which makes me a great choice when paired with an experienced developer.

Although I am not strictly a developer, over the years I have gained some knowedge of html, css and php - in fact this website was designed and built by me. Come to me with your requirements and I can advise on the best way forward.

Whenever I print my logo, it comes out a very different colour to on my website. Can you help me to make printed stationery?

Yes. I understand the complete colour process and can ensure that when I create your new logo and/or brand, the colours for print and web are matched to maintain your strong identity across all mediums.

Can you design and print me new business cards?

Yes. I can design your new business cards and any other stationery you require. I can also work with a print company to ensure your business cards look good and feel great too.

I've had the opportunity to place an advert in a well know magazine. Is this something you can create?

Yes. I would need the full print specifications, which should include all dimensions, where the final advert should be sent to and the print deadline. If you have specific imagery and/or colours you would like to use, that fit with your brand, please mention that at the time and I can ensure your brief is fullfilled.

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