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Future Decoded is a Microsoft lead event which began in 2014. It's been a greater success every year due to a mixture of Microsoft's huge customer portfolio, successful advertising and some great headline speakers drawing in the crowds. We gave the brand a slight update last year to coincide with some of the product identities and to maintain a stronger brand presence as a Microsoft event.

As well as developing the brand as lead designer for four years running, it was my job to ensure a strong identity was maintained across all mediums - website, magazine/newspaper advertising, social media advertising, paid media advertising, email marketing, presentation decks, infographics and photography.

Branding doesn't just mean the logo. It also includes rules surrounding the positioning and use of the logo, the colour palette, the style of imagery and/or iconography used, the sizes and style of typography used, the language and tone of voice used... the list goes on.

The vast amount of work required grows with each year and involves working with industry stakeholders, the events team, developers, website managers, design agencies and the press. It's a huge team that gets involved and becomes the main priority in most people's day to day activity.

For me this has been one of my biggest, most exciting projects and one that I look forward to each year.

For any of the services mentioned above, including branding, logo design, website design and email marking, please get in touch.

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