games cover design

Three Playstation 2 games covers came to the agency I was working in, due to them failing in the market. The brief was to make them more appealing to the young target audience and more eye catching on the shelf. I tried to make the covers tell a story, which would give a stronger idea of what each game is about. It was a small budget and a very fast turnaround.

For each of the covers, we were given a small selection of artwork and imagery taken from the game. It was my job to make it look good on a games cover. Playstation were very happy to take these on as thei three new covers.

For Hamster Heroes I wanted to make the three characters look like they were more integrated rather than three individual characters, so I created (mainly using the airbrush in Photoshop) a much larger cape for one of the Hamsters, so the other two could sit behind. This helped to add more depth and create more action on the cover.

For Monster Trux Extreme I recreated the logo to be more legible, more fun and representitive of the game. I also ceated the landscape and dust surrounding the truck, to add more action for potential players to get involved in.

Urban Extreme involved sourcing imagery to be teamed together within Photoshop, with some added effects and image manipulation. The aim was to show speed and a city environment which would fit well with the semi-realistic graphics in the game.

All three covers also involved ensuring the correct labels and logos were included and the correct description added and formatted on the reverse.

For help with image manipulation, image creation or illustration, please get in touch.

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