Surface Uncompromised

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When the Microsoft Surface was first launched, the initial conversation and uptake was not that overwhlming. There was a lot of hesitation and it was our job to try to make people see why they should consider buying a Surface.

Instead of simply presenting some device images and a list of specifications, this site showcased entrepreneurs who have been empowered to do bigger and greater things with the help of their trusty Microsoft Surface. We wanted to show what great things these people had launched, created, invented, all with the help of their Surface.

This website is fully responsive and designed to give a magazine feel, with lots of glossy photos and the Surface brand colours boldly used throughout each page. The flexible grid structure helped to keep a good flow of content and made the site just as good to view on desktop as it was on tablet and mobile.

This was a very enjoyable website to wireframe and design and was great to see it all come together as a very engaging glossy site. The main calls to action were kept prominent at the top of every page and prominently throughout, which helped to increase purchases through this different means of selling our devices.

If you would like assitance in web design, UI or UX, please get in touch.

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