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My engagement was a very exciting time for me. I was working every day as a Senior Graphic Designer, both digital and print, but nothing similar to the project I was about to embark on - my very own wedding day. To date, it's still one of my favourite 'projects' because of the variety of things I chose to design and how I brought it all together in a very personal theme to represent myself and my husband. This is something I'd like to do for others too.

I knew from day one that I didn't want anything too 'pristine' and wanted a more natural feel to reflect our love of nature and the great outdoors. I suppose that's what's often labelled as 'rustic'. I also wanted a bold colourful occasion to go with our personalities and the vibrant summer season.

We often went on walks to RSPB nature reserves and love to sit and watch the wildlife, especially the birds. I also wanted to tie in my artistic background with a few extra details, so chose to design and create everything by hand.

A lot of planning and preparation went into our day and it was so wonderful to see everything working seamlessly and looking so beautiful in situe, for everyone to enjoy.

Including the design, selection and creation of...

Wedding day photography by Tatiana Humphries.

If you'd like help with your wedding theme, colour scheme, stationery design, or flower selection please get in touch.

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